Cardio Theatre

Improve your endurance, speed, power and even stability and mobility with our unique range of cardio equipment and programming!

Let our expert team guide you on the best programming to help you achieve your physique and performance goals.

  • 10 x Freemotion Incline Trainers
  • 4 x Freemotion Tour de France Interactive Bikes
  • 4 x Precor Touchscreen Bikes
  • 3 x Concept 2 Rowers
  • 2 x Precor Adaptive Motion Trainers
  • 2 x Technogym Skillmills
  • 1 x Marpo Rope Trainer
  • 1 x Fluid Upper Body Ergometer
  • 1 x Powerplate
  • Functional Conditioning Zone

Incline trainers allow for increased intensity and strength development without the added impact of running! The 30% incline allows for a variety of movement patterns, for enhanced function, With the right programming, your speed, endurance, and strength will advance to new heights quickly!

Our Adaptive Motion Trainers allow for user-defined movement paths whichimproves joint health, rather than forcing joints to follow a machine-defined pathway. Great for low-impact training while developing strength, fitness, and stability, the AMT is a favourite of many.

Our Tour de France Bikes have built incline / decline function, paddle shuft gears, and pre-loaded with 21 stages of the Tour de France for you to ride! This will be a ride like no other!

The self-powered Skillmill is THE tool to help you develop speed, power, and fitness for sport or everyday life! Top-end speed, to high-load power, the Skillmillis used by elite athletes across the globe!

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