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Our Personal Training program has been formed over more than 20 years, using proven best-practice methods to help clients achieve their health, physical, and lifestyle goals.

Our holistic approach helps clients gain knowledge and habits around better movement, nutrition, and mindset, for optimal and sustained transformation.

You’re unique, and your training and nutrition strategy should reflect that!

We consider your training history, movement competency and capacity, lifestyle, nutrition preferences, and previous successes and challenges, to design the right pathway, and help you stay on track with accountability, motivation, and mindset strategies.

We customise your package with the level of training, support, education, and motivation you need to make your goals, your reality! Ensure your training is safe, effective, and enjoyable with our Personal Training Support. Speak with our team to find the right package for you, and discover how we can specifically help you make it happen!

  • Personal, Progressive, and Periodised Training Plans
  • Training App with video demos and Performance Tracking
  • Personalised Nutrition Plan
  • Technique and Effort management
  • Mindset, Accountability, and Lifestyle Coaching for Faster Results.

Squashbrook GROUP Personal Training

We’ve been designing and running functional Group Training Programs for well over 10 years!

These fun, effective training sessions are lead by our Personal Training Team, and focus on developing all aspects of physical performance, with personalisation, accountability, and lifestyle coaching to amplify the training effects.

Enhanced training methods, functional movement patterns, along with technique and effort management means you’ll improve mobility, stability, endurance, strength, and power. You’ll improve your performance in everything from sport to everyday life, whilst creating the physique you desire and enhancing your energy and confidence.

A unique element of our Group Personal Training program is the lifestyle coaching to help you celebrate the wins, and overcome the hurdles that stand between where you are today, and where you want to be. Nutrition, Accountability, Sleep, Stress, Mindset, and other Lifestyle solutions to help you build a resilient lifestyle to build the consistency you need for enhanced lifelong health, performance, and happiness!

Let our expert Personal Training department simplify your training experience, by adding Group Personal Training to your membership package, and experience the challenge, fun, and results!

  • Enhanced Training Program for accelerated results
  • Technique and Effort Coaching
  • Outdoor Sessions when weather permits
  • Lifestyle Coaching Support for holistic results
  • Fun & Accountability
  • Unlimited Sessions per week!

RIP-IT Junior Fitness

Give your children the best foundation for a healthy lifestyle, by helping them build habits to improve health, energy, confidence, strength, co-ordination, endurance, balance, sporting skills, and so much more! RIP-IT includes education and mindset strategies in a fun environment to complete this holistic program just for kids!

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